Tuesday, May 25, 2010


  1. Our Vision...

    Transgressive Teaching is a zine that provides a multilingual space for exploring the act of teaching as it relates to issues of social justice, student success, and self-reflection. We are committed to critical questioning, challenging institutional inequities, and confronting the day-to-day practical realities of education in our
    communities. We strive to involve educators from all facets of the educational spectrum, those who work from within as well as from outside the institution of schooling in their daily practice. We envision the production of a constructive professional learning community. While we are looking for submissions from folks whose work is grounded in theory, we believe that through honest dialogue grounded in day to day practices and personal experience, we can learn from each other about the best ways to create spaces for all to learn.

  2. The idea of bringing more of who we really are to our teaching, including reflection (amazing to think we could allow ourselves time to consider, learn and find grounding while teaching!) and raise up the value of seeing children as whole people themselves rather than trying to make them fit into the mold of being "motivated students" gives me great hope. Thank you.